Friday, October 28, 2011

A Lot of Drama

One thing I love about South Africa is the word drama! The English is  just a bit more colorful there...

Fell Pregnant =  get pregnant

You don’t “get pregnant” in South Africa – you “fall pregnant.” It sounds like you have unfortunately and mysteriously fallen ill with a bad case of something you have yet to identify that you accidentally caught from someone.  

Example: “She keeps falling pregnant.” (Not to be confused with falling while you’re pregnant – which really could hurt.  Of course pregnancy can hurt too, or at least the end result, so maybe "falling" IS the fitting description). 

Garden = yard

For me, the word “garden” stirs up images of lush flowers, fresh herbs and at the very least, a few straggly tomato plants (maybe a naked man and woman?).  In South Africa – a yard, even if you have just a sad patch of grass and weeds, is still a “garden.”   

Example: Jensen, “Mom, can I go play in the garden?” 

(our "garden")

Sounds like false advertising to me...but sure kid...go play in the garden. 

Rubbish = trash

Rubbish, to me, is a strong word for something that has absolutely no use. “That’s rubbish!” (should always be said with a strong English accent).  To say you have some “rubbish” to throw away, as they do in South A, makes me think of some serious nastiness that probably needs a hazardous materials waste bin – instead of just some wadded up mail to be thrown away in a plain old trash can. It is MUCH more exciting to say rubbish. 

Example: Julie, “Karl, just look at all this rubbish (pile of receipts)!  Quick...let’s put it in the rubbish bin!”  (I try to use my English accent - but it's not very good and Karl mistakes it for my southern accent - very confusing)

Flu =  common cold

If you have the sniffles in South A – they call it the flu.  If you’s the flu.  If you’s the flu. You probably shouldn’t go to work if you have flu.  It’s a lot of drama over what appears to be, for all intents and purposes, what server in America as a plain old head cold. 

Example: “I have the flu...cough, cough.” (interpretation – I think I may sneeze with this I’m going to go ahead and clear my schedule and cancel all my meetings for the rest of the week.) 

Children =  kids

Instead of “kids” or “students”– it’s “the children.”  I’ve even heard high school teenagers refer to themselves as “the children.”  I usually think of children as 5 year olds – but they could be talking about someone who’s 16 years old. 

Example: “Many of the children now are learning how to drive and apply for jobs.” (is it me – or is that a little strange?) 

In other words... 

In South Africa you would say.... 

“While the children were in the garden they picked up rubbish, even though some had the flu and had fallen pregnant.” 

Or not quite as exciting... 

“While the students were in yard they picked up trash, even through some had a cold and were pregnant.”

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh Baby Baby!

I’m sure you’ve heard...we’re having a baby! Many of you voted on “Boy” or “Girl” and 66% of you said boy.

You were close!

Here is how everyone voted at our “Gender Reveal Cake Parties” (we had the ultrasound lady write the gender in an envelope, took it to a baker and had them put “blue” or “pink” frosting in the cake – we found out with everyone else what we were having when we cut the cake).

Watch the 5 minute video:

Before we had kids Karl said, “You know Julie...we’re going to have 3 girls.”

I thought “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.” However, it looks like my husband who is always right, is right YET AGAIN.

Someone asked recently if I was a little disappointed we are having another girl. No way! We're so excited about girls. Sisters are built-in girlfriends. A slumber party every night!

Its a girl!

When we told Jensen we were going back to Africa to have the baby, said she said, “Uh...Mom...will the baby be black?”

Seriously...not a bad question.

Here’s Jensen's top 10 list of baby names for her sister:

1. Bambi (this is her absolute favorite – she is very insistent we name her sister after a Disney character)

2. Sara (this is a close second after Bambi – ever since her cousin told her Bambi is not a real name this one has been creeping up on her list)

3. Nana (kinda like your grandma)

4. Malea (this has been one of her top names for about a year now – we thought she made it up till someone told us it was a real name)

Note: A friend from Ocean View was pregnant a few months ago and asked Jensen what she should name her baby. Of course Jensen was confident Malea would be the perfect name for her. And I guess it was – she named her baby Malea last August.

5. Sunny (I have to IS cheerful!)

6. Kiki (we did see the other day that Kikka means “mistress of all” - nice!)

7. Namala (a bit African sounding)

8. Isala (I guess she threw this in there just in case we didn’t pick Namala)

9. TikaTock (inspired by her new favorite nursery rhyme "The Mouse Ran Up the Clock”)

10. Sugar Pop (my personal fav)

Maybe we should go with Bambi Nana Isala TikaTock?

What do you think would be a great name?  Something to go with Jensen, Emerson...???