Thursday, June 27, 2013

America – 5 New Things

Ahh...America the Beautiful! A lot has changed in America since we were here 2 years ago.  For example...

1.      Plastic Bottles.  What happened to all the plastic?? I’m guessing there has been a massive campaign to save the ocean by using less plastic in general (admirable) but now my plastic water bottle is very crinkly. VERY CRINKLY. Although I am an ocean lover...may I be so bold as to say, “Not that into it.” Jensen has been known to wake up Emme in the middle of the night trying to take a stealthful sip of her water.  She inadvertently crinkles that bottle a little bit too much (by simply holding it!) and startles her sister out of dead sleep. Is it me...or do these wispy bottles sound like a massive rain storm in your hand?

2.      Plastic Bags (at the grocery store).  I know...I know...I should be using canvas totes! But I really need the bags for the massive numbers of disposable diapers my two children use every day (my apologies to the ocean, once again).  All that to say...I’m not even sure this pseudo tissue-paper bag can even be categorized as actual plastic.

3.      Iphones.  Since arriving back in the US this year – it seems everyone I know now has an iphone. This is pretty great.  Instagram (my all time favorite photo app) is becoming popular and iMessaging is FABULOUS.  On a side can text us for free in Africa with iMessage (only a 7 hour time difference).

4.      Online Commercials.  Serious bummer.  It used to be if we watched a show from Hulu or a major network (aka. – the commercials were about 30 seconds and you could choose to skip them.  Now the commercials are several minutes and no option to skip.  Booo Hisss!

5.      Hot Spots.  I used to think “hot spots” was popping your hood on Dodge (yes...I know...SO 20 years ago) or all the tweens hanging out at Village Pointe. But WOW!  How cool is it that you can now take the internet with you anywhere?  Love mobile hotspots from the cell phone carriers. Thumbs up, America!

What I absolutely love the most about my country is that Americans are creative, bold and love to think outside the box.  And even though we sometimes severely over-estimate our own talent (aka the singer on American idol whose doting mother should have been a little more forth-coming in directing her praise away from a performance that would enrage Simon Cowell in front of millions of people), I sure do love Americans...even when we can’t sing.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my Hope-tions bunting featured on Shark Tank!

Happy 4th of July!