Monday, April 2, 2012

By Any Other Name

Ahhh...what’s in a name?

Shakespeare’s Juliet said..."What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Really William? Could a "Rose" ever be called "Smelly Tuna?" with the same effect? “Adison Smelly Tuna” would truly not be quite the same as “Adison Rose” - even if the flower smelled just as good.

When choosing a name for our third daughter I really wanted to stay in theme (parties, room décor and names should ALWAYS be in theme).  But in the case of Adi Rose - the theme was thrown out the window.

Bare with me on my love of themes – especially with the names of daughters. Our thematic rules were...
-          -   A first name that ended in “son”
-          -  TWO middle names that reflected the female members of our family, preferable in descending order (great-grandmas for Jensen, grandmas for Emme, and the mother for Baby #3?)

Daughter #1: Jensen Yvonne Francis
-          -    FIRST: Jensen was my maiden name  
-          -    MIDDLE: Yvonne Francis is Karl’s two grandmas’ names

Daughter #2: Emerson Dorothy Joan
-          -     FIRST: I just loved the name Emerson (which also happens to be a distant relative’s name)
-          -     MIDDLE: We borrowed Dorothy, my mother’s name (also happens to be the name of both my grandmas – it’s a wonder I wasn’t named Dorothy too – thanks, Mom for that one!  Can anyone see me as a “Dottie?”)... and Joan, Karl’s mother’s name

Daughter #3:  Decisions, decisions...

-       -    FIRST: Here were some contenders for the “son” ending...

o   Winston (Winnie for short) – I loved this one!  So Winston Churchill!  Karl hated it – thought we should just go ahead and use Marlborough for her middle name.
o   Ellison had so many great options for short names – Elle, Ellis, Ella.  The only problem is that Ellison and Emerson seemed a bit too close.
o   Adalyn (Karl’s second fav- but sadly no “son”),
o   Graceson (Grace would have been adorable for short)
o   Anderson (I loved Andi for short but Karl thought it was too masculine) – Anderson is also a family name (all of Karl’s cousins are “Andersons”)
o   Adison – Karl LOVED this name, and although I really liked the name in and of itself, I was very disturbed that it was #11 on some name lists.  I really, really prefer to avoid trendiness (my goal was not to use any names ranked in the top 100)

-          -    MIDDLE: What actually tipped the scale in favor of Adison was choosing Rose for the middle name.  I just fell in love with the sound of Adison Rose (or Adi Rose). 

First off...Rose is SO out of theme (only ONE middle name – and not in the descending order of great-grandmas, grandmas and then the mother– which would have been “Julie Annette”).

However, we felt like “Rose” is the name the Lord picked out for her. Here is the scoop...

THE SHOWER DECORE: When I showed up for my  baby shower last month I noticed a beautiful bouquet of pink roses on the table.

Roses from the Baby Shower

THE LETTER: At that shower my friend Nicole wrote a letter about how she was praying for the baby and saw a picture of a rose – a rare beauty...with thorns (not to be easily grabbed).  She got the verse Song of Solomon 2:1-2 (I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valley. Like a lily among thorns, so is my darling among young women).

The  original Hebrew here for “Rose of Sharon” is a word that indicates this flower seems to mean literally “Overshadowed By God's Love.

THE PRAYER: At the end of the shower, everyone gathered around me to pray for the baby. Whitney (not knowing about Nicole’s letter) said, “I pictured a rose and felt like God said that her life will be fragrant before him! Also I asked God who she is to him and he said ‘she is my princess!’ I felt that she will know her place next to the Father as the daughter of the King. And that she will carry an anointing to give that knowledge and assurance to other girls as she grows up!” 

Prayers at the Shower

THE FLOWER: The next day I did some research on the plant called the “Rose of Sharon” and as I prayed, felt some of these plant qualities will apply to the personality and spirit of our Adison Rose:
o   Rapid growth and high yields
o   Very colourful (white, red, lavender or light blue)
o   Offers color when many other flowering shrubs have ceased to bloom (due to blooming in late summer)
o   Attractive and plentiful blooms
o   Can be trained through pruning/ Last season’s growth should be pruned away (which helps produce bigger blooms)
o   Prefers full sun (can get fungus when older if not in full sun)
o   Can hold it’s own as a specimen
o   Drought tolerant
o says, “Don’t give up on the Rose of Sharon, thinking it’s dead just because it hasn’t leafed out by early summer. The Rose of Sharon not only blooms late, but leafs out late as well.”
o   Good pollution tolerance (appropriate for urban gardens)
o   Easy care and low maintenance
o   Buds may drop if plant is watered too much or too little (or if too much fertilizer is applied)
o   Blooms in Palestine (plain called Sharon) and is well known for its soothing aroma and pain relieving qualities

Rose of Sharon: very colourful (white, red, lavender or light blue)

As I step into a new phase of motherhood, with an emphasis on spending time with my children as Karl begins several new ministries, I am excited to see what God has in store for a baby with the name Adison Rose!

 I think it will be quite the ride!

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